My next marathon

I’m already looking forward to my next marathon!
Planning to head up to the North Shore again in June.
20140623-144739-53259586.jpgGrandma’s Marathon 2015


So training has begun.

Don’t ya think that any time you go to do something you think, “Wait, am I really gonna do this?” especially with big things?

But this time I’m really trusting in the training I have laid out.

The mileage is not such a big deal.

In other words, it doesn’t scare me, the thought of the approximate 2000miles in six months.

No biggy.

I’m trusting.

Trusting I’ll stay healthy and happy!

Trusting too, that my intuition telling me not to do more than one spring marathon, is right on. I’m putting all my eggs into this one basket, but it seems right.

So that’s the plan.

And dipping my toes in Lake Superior will be so nice.

Also part of the plan.

Actually that was a rip tide. Not so much in the plan to get your race shoes wet just before a marathon but they dried fast.

20140623-144742-53262675.jpgLooking forward to that lake anyway.

And, yes, we are really gonna do this!

What races do you have on your radar?


10 thoughts on “My next marathon

  1. Good luck with training and racing! Grandma’s is on my bucket list for some year, but this year will be for Boston and Quad Cities! Is this the race you’re planning to use for the “A” standard?

  2. It’s always exciting to have a plan, and something big to look forward to. How awesome that you are coming (back) to MN?! I live about 5 miles NW of Duluth. I was just there this fall. I love that place. I am looking forward to following your training! Are you on Strava or Daily Mile?

    • Nice! You guys are way up there! You must live in a very beautiful place. It’s all so pretty up there. And I’m not on Daily Mile (tried it and couldn’t get the habit to stick) nor Strava. I might try to get on there because it looks cool, but I really like my paper and pen/pencil. But I’ll share a bunch here. Thanks, girl!

  3. My husband and I have signed up for the Houston Rhythm and Blues Half Marathon in February so we can check Texas off our list in our quest to run a race in every state AND hopefully enjoy some warmer temperatures than we have been having here in Maine! We also get to visit family and friends there!

    • Karen, I love the “race in every state” goal! And good for you guys to get out of “Dodge” for a while to enjoy the heat down south. Aren’t races a great excuse to travel? We love to travel to races. Hope it’s not been unseasonably cold in Maine? We had a pretty easy November and December. Now, winter is finally upon us. Burrr. But it always makes me enjoy the heat when it does heat back up. Enjoy your training! Best to you and your husband. ~Susie

      • Thanks, Susie! We are having so much fun. And I definitely agree that traveling for races is a great way to see new places. Good luck with your winter training!

  4. It’s interesting. I’m thinking of a late May/June marathon as well (most likely Buffalo marathon) but coming off my most recent Fall marathon, where I gave it my all, I’m having a hard time finding the fire in the belly for this potential Spring marathon. I was wanting some redemption this past Fall and got it. I guess the next thing is to try to take another step forward in my pursuit of Boston and trust my training like you said. Do you have the fire in your belly yet?

    • Bill, I love this question. I read it to myself very much like a Harry Caray-esqe call-out, and now I feel so pumped. But really, I was thinking of this during my second run today and I do think the flame is catching fire. The days and weeks are going to fly by and so I’m ready to train to meet new goals. Why not, right? Best to you and getting that BQ! ~Susie

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