Finding Freedom in my Harness


It’s been a rough week. Hasn’t it, kitties?

20150130-133955-49195614.jpgActually, no, it’s been really quite a good week. We just have a couple less reproductive organs in our house is all. Poor babies. They’re coping well. Just need help scratching their ears. All. The. Time. So we’ve been very busy not just scratching ears but with a little bit of everything and all good. I’m doing more and more freelance work. Right now I’m working on a series of “natural solutions” videos. It’s a ton of FUN. The sky’s pretty much the limit on what sort of natural solution I want to work on, so I’ve been having fun working on those projects during nap time. However, I’ve noticed that since this will be a 90-mile week for instance, I have had less and less time for fun freelance work and have to spend more time here…

In my lair…

20150130-133956-49196598.jpgMARATHON TRAINING

Do I look like a caged animal?

We don’t even use that baby fence anymore, but it makes a nice shelf for my coffee, “warm-up” clothes (since it’s freezing down there when I get started), and other paraphernalia.

This shot my husband snagged as I was rounding out my last half a mile of five miles run at an average of 5:55 pace. A 10 mile run and miles 4-9 were progressively faster 10.0mph + 10.1 + 10.2 + 10.3 and last mile 10.4mph, all done at 1% incline (which makes up a little for the lack of wind resistance). Best thing about speeding up like that is that it gets over faster the farther you go. Seriously, I was kinda hurting here. Yet, I love these steady state runs and how strong I feel when I finish. Still, it makes me wonder, “ummm, that was only 5 miles… how in the heck am I going to do that five more times in a row!?!” Oh yeah, and, Dr. Duke had also just plugged in the fan for me which was freakin’ awesome.

Can I get someone to do that during a race?

Fan me, please!

But for real, this was a key workout of the week. Thankfully, I’m feeling stronger and stronger with each passing week of this build up phase. The past 5-6 weeks have just been build up. I’ve been working on speed development, doing lots of sprints, and one steady state run which is around marathon pace, as well as building mileage. Build the mileage back up from my short December break before adding seriously hard workouts into that high mileage. One thing at a time.

So “real” training starts in a week. Whoa.

Anyway, during this same 10-mile run I watched part of a documentary called The American Mustang. Good stuff. Kind of sad, but mostly just pretty and pretty informative. The horse thing gets me, you know?! And all of the taming of the wild mustangs made me think of this Frost quote:


Amen to that.

And isn’t he a pretty guy? Good ole Chiefer

Whether horsey or not you can imagine that a great horse is very easy in his harness. Of course he’d rather be out chomping grass, but when the time comes to buckle down, he submits and gets the job done. And pretty much makes it look easy.

Sometimes. Nope. Lots of the time, I’d rather walk or run really really easy. Or just sit and knit. Yet I know that I have a job to do, and so I put on my harness (the speed, yah?) and try to make it easy. I’m looking forward to the day when I find freedom in that harness. It’ll come.

So training is going well.

Fueling that I mentioned last week feels like it’s coming along too. Hoping that that trend continues.


For the couple of previous weeks I’ve had some SI joint (sacroiliac) pain. The Doc in the house got me all squared away and I’m feeling much better.

Now that I’m feeling a-okay, what I need to be working on is pre-hab instead of rehab.

So, yep. We be rollin’


Little Man is my wing-man with the foam-roller. Loves it.

Keeping me accountable, too.

Foam rolling is such a no-brainer. It’s easy. It can be quick. It’s a simple way to stay on top of and prevent any potential injuries. I highly suggest incorporating foam rolling into your routine. And note to self, I will continue to try to do the same. When things are going well, it’s easy to forget that things can easily turn sour. Foam rolling every dang day can be, well, just one more thing to do, but worth it in the end when you’re healthy instead of sidelined.



So how’s your training progressing? 

Feeling like you’re well fueled? 

Have you taken up foam rolling? 

Watched any good treadmill documentaries lately?

Oh and I’m on Instagram if you haven’t found me there yet… giddy up and find me @susiedukeruns It’s good, clean fun. Yee Haw!



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