Life lately in black and white

Life has actually been quite colorful lately. Maybe too much so?

So it just feels right to just send out a quick update sans color.

For starters, I’ve turned over a new leaf.

20150227-152537-55537705.jpgReading? Huh? How about that?

I read very well while moving. Makes me think that my parents, teachers, and I would have all been more pleased with my reading ability and thus grades had I taken up treadmill reading at a much younger age. Typically I mess around on the iPad during treadmill runs, but I’ve found that a bungee cord and a book are an equally entertaining way to pass easy, therapy miles. Since 70-80% of my mileage is “therapy” then that leaves time for lots of reading. Sure, you have to scooch the bungee up or down to read some of the lines and take the book in hand to turn the page but those are small potatoes. It’s really been a fun change of pace, so to speak. But, you know you’re of a different era when you naturally reach up with one finger to “scroll” up to the next page of the “screen” instead of turning the page. That happens about once every mile.

I’m learning to read all over again.

As for Big Boy, well, his first words of each morning are no longer “Meow-Meow?” in search of his beloved two kitties. Now it’s “books?” Every morning he points to his bookshelf and wants to pick out a new book to pour over.

He must be rubbing off on me.

Still, he loves his kitties.

20150227-152535-55535234.jpgWatch out Cocoa, you’re about to get a smooch. Pucker up.

With all of the snow, playing outside is a new adventure.


It was exactly 2 degrees here but retreating to warmer climates indoors was no option. He needed to eat a bit more snow first. Next, he just needs to be a little handier with a shovel.

Finally, proof that we like to start ’em out young. 1.1 mph is not bad for a boy not even two.

Thanks for bearing with me and the phone pictures. It’s the best I can do with the small amount of time I have to capture this life that is fleeting. Fleeting in a good way, but fleeting nonetheless.

How goes your treadmill running? 

Ever tried reading on the treadmill?


15 thoughts on “Life lately in black and white

  1. I have 2 seasons of a TV show right now to get through so it should take me through another 3 months of training, but will have to try a book afterwards. It’s probably good mental exercise to do it while I am running.

    • TV shows are a great way to incentivize the run, right!? I should get hooked on a show. I actually don’t have anything I’m following right now. That’s pretty bad! Well, enjoy the show and take your time selecting a good read. It helps to have a “light” read probably.

  2. I don’t know how in the world that you can read while you are running. Don’t the words bounce up and down on the page :)?! If I have to go treadmill I usually watch something. I am really not into anything now…but I can usually find something to distract me for a while on Netflix 🙂

  3. Hi. I just found your blog and I’m following you here and on Twitter. Please check out my blog and social media too. I’d love it if you followed me. Twitter @kamari2001 IG@karen_runwright
    I just wrote a post about the magic of books which fits in with your new (fav) hobby – reading. Haha. I love to read so I just assume that it will become your fav too. No pressure though 🙂
    What are you reading?

  4. The treadmill and I are fighting right now. Things were going well, then a shin splint popped up in my L leg. 😦 Booo! I tried reading on the treadmill the other day (I’m hooked on “Eat & Run” by Scott Jurek), but had to stop within the first paragraph. Haha! Words were bouncing too much. I envy that you can read and run!

    • Ewwww shin splints… stinky! I should read that one, we have it but I’ve only jumped around in it. So it’s a good read? I’m reading An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler and it’s really intriguing about food prep actually which doesn’t sound intriguing but anyway… I am thankful for the twisted talent to be able to read on the run. It’s good because I don’t read otherwise. Not at all! Hope the leg(s) feel(s) better!

      • It’s a great read! Just finished it this morning. I’m excited to try a few of the recipes he has in there. Ran again on the treadmill (should’ve gone outside, it sunny and warm (kind of…20 degrees)) and focused on form rather than distance or speed. Basically, I ran on my forefoot rather than midfoot or heal, wore minimalist shoes to better gage my foot landing, and focused on keeping my legs UNDER me. It was wonderful! No shin splints and I had so much energy left over when I finished. (Took it slow to avoid further injury.)

  5. I’ve trained exclusively on the Mill now for a few months as we’ve had a brutal winter up north here in Western New York. But I love it! I won’t apologize for it either as most seem to dread it and take their shots whenever they can. I’ve built a really strong foundation these past few months because of it. It’s a tool and can be very useful for this time of the year. I always use incline and it gets my HR up to what it needs to be during those tough workouts. Anyone who suggests it’s too easy isn’t using enough incline or speed 🙂 And anyone who says it’s too boring isn’t trying hard enough to make it work.

    As for entertainment, music gets old quick for me. Only works during those tough workouts. Podcasts helped for a bit but only the really interesting ones hold my attention. I watch Netflix often and the occasional YouTube video (I have a solid 30 minute recommendation, “Western Time” by Billy Yan. Watched it this AM and could’ve ran for hours because of it). There’s a host of really good shows on Netflix to binge watch (works super well for long runs) and it depends on your taste but the Netflix original “The Fall” was pretty good (the most recent show I’ve gotten though). A bit dark though, like Dexter. I’m not sure I should have recommended that haha. There’s a bunch though.

    I have a top 10 list of must read running books and I won’t list them to clog up anymore space but I noticed above you haven’t finished Eat and Run yet. It’s in my top 2 so I highly recommend it. Marathon Man by Bill Rodgers will have you wanting to run through a brick wall, it’s outstanding!

  6. I’d need large print to focus with all the ups and downs of running, but it seems like a great way to use your time. Excellent work as always!!

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