Running through my mind

Happy April!

What happened to March?

Well, let’s cut to the chase: are those sheep?


Yes, they are. Beautiful. Sweet. A happy flock.

So April is marathon month. Whatever month it is I’m just thankful March is behind us. March was a month of abysmal lows and pretty darn near heavenly highs. The lows were so tough that I barely want to linger on them to talk about it. I’ll just say that something’s been going on with my back. It’s taken a major toll on me. I’m surviving and learning to embrace my health. Last November one of the major thoughts that kept running through my head was, “I’m looking forward to seeing how well I can get to know myself…” and that I’m doing. The beginning of March I found my breaking point; I’m talking pain that makes childbirth seem like a walk in the park.

I’m healing and moving on. Happy to have a new month and a new start.

Once I have more answers about my back / hip / right leg I hope to share more. I am certain that I can put my finger on several reasons why this injury happened; however, it’s complex and I want to know more before I explain anymore.

Fair enough?

What about those sheep?

Sheep are easily one of my favorite animals. They bring back all sorts of fuzzy-good and goofy Iowa State Fair childhood memories, plus they’re cute, they’re woolly, they’re just SO cute. Okay, I’m done.

Call me easy to please but those sheep were a highlight of my month.

I run in Altra shoes and have for several years. They support me with shoes and stuff. It’s a good deal. When the marketing director emailed back in January to ask me to participate in a product video for the new Torin, the shoe I train mostly in, I was all for it. Go to a fun location. Get a sneak-peak at a new shoe. Why not?


So I left my recently-turned-two-year-old in good hands – “Thanks, Gram-ma and Pa-pa-ka!” – to head for California.
20150402-154228-56548954.jpgNot knowing what to expect, I figured it would be fun.

It was major fun.




Fun to run around a beautiful place and to hang out with some seriously talented people.

But it was so hard to run on legs (one leg specifically) that didn’t want to cooperate with all of the repeat hill sprints.

I didn’t expect it to be that hard nor to feel so gimpy.

I didn’t expect the spray-tan – which was awesome by the way.

I didn’t expect the rockstar treatment of all you can eat (drink): sparkling water, bananas and 85% dark chocolate.

I didn’t expect to run with a flock of sheep.

Nor did I quite expect it to be SO beautiful. I mean, I’d never seen so many lupine.


Or Bluebonnets? Which is it? I know they go by Bluebonnets in Texas, but elsewhere?20150402-154237-56557926.jpg

Aww there are those cute sheep again.

In the end it was quite interesting how the crew pried into my head. Before the trip I had been told that they wanted to tell my story, how I started running, and the progression of running through my life. Again, I didn’t know what to expect; I figured we’d run around some green hills and some nice roads and call it a day. Nope. This was for real a time-warp sort of deal. Hours of details funneled into one 90-second video. It will certainly tell my “story” and be an experience of running through the lens of Susie Duke.

A pretty accurate portrayal of running through my mind.


We’ll see what becomes of the finished video.



For some reason, I have this feeling it’s going to be one of those significant mementos of my life.

Oh and the new Torin 2.0 are pretty rock-star too. They won’t disappoint.

So how was March for you? 

What do you have planned for this Marathon Month of April?


11 thoughts on “Running through my mind

  1. Your experience in California sound so interesting and exciting! Good luck with your back. Your photos are great!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos! What an awesome and beautiful experience. Can’t wait to see the video 🙂 Good luck with the back thing, keep your head up!

    • Thank you, Teal Girl! I’m feeling much better and seem to be improving more quickly than I had in the past couple of weeks. So good. Still planning to hit Grandmas Marathon. I’ll for sure look for you this time since I missed you at CIM. It might be a lolly gag run at this rate, but I will be there.

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