Pepita buttercups


pepita buttercups

The word alone feels like a Friday kind of word. Pepita!

You know, pumpkin seeds?

The only thing I love more (for a seed or nut – I would rather take a trip up the Eiffel Tower or even a good sun-dried tomato, olive and caramelize onion pizza but…) than pepitas is pepita seed butter. The color is perfect, kind of a peridot green. The flavor is way less musty than peanut butter. The charm of pepita butter is just somehow way more attractive than, say, almond butter.

Now that I’ve enticed you to try pumpkin seed butter, good luck finding some.


Ex-pen-sive! Or just plain impossible to find.

Solution: I make my own.

I’m not really going to get into that right now other than: I roast raw pepitas for a bit until they’re hot and sweaty and then pulverize the heck out of them in my food processor. If I cannot get them to butter-up, I will add a smidgen of olive oil. I feel somehow sneaky to sneak a few dribbles of peridot green olive oil into the already perfect pepitas. Pepita perfection.

I finish with salt.

We’re taking this a step further into Friday la-la-land to bring you: Pepita buttercups.


Here’s what you will need:

  • Pepita seed butter ~ 1 cup (you won’t use this much but you will love the surplus)
  • Mini muffin tin and paper liner cups ~ 1 dozen +/-
  • My special-secret-homemade-healthy dark chocolate (recipe follows, so secret’s out):

Homemade healthy dark chocolate:

Equal parts: coconut oil, cocoa powder, and liquid sweetener (honey, maple, molasses, etc) + Optional (but I think necessary) a pinch of salt and a splash of vanilla. I typically do 2/3 cup of each of the three main ingredients. For liquid sweetener I use the fullest-flavored, some think – nastiest, blackstrap molasses I can find. I do this because it’s cheapest and has the most iron; plus, honey and/or maple syrup seem too sweet for my taste. If in doubt, mix sweeteners.

In a small saucepan warm the coconut oil to liquefy it. Add sweetener and stir well. Add cocoa powder and stir until smooth.

Stir in a pinch of salt and a dab of vanilla extract. Stir all until smooth.

Now the chocolate is ready.

Next step: prep the buttercups

I find it works well to chill the mini-muffin tin with the paper liners placed inside the cups and have the pepita butter chilled as well. All of this chilling will help the buttercups to firm up faster and make everything smooth.

Pour about 1 TBS of your chocolate into each of the dozen paper cups.


You should have about 1/3 of the chocolate left after this.

Now take your chilled pepita butter and start making little 1 TSP-sized balls…


Place a ball in each little puddle of chocolate.


The chocolate should ooze up around about half of the butter.


Roughly half.

Now pour over enough chocolate to cover the butter.


And then chill in freezer until set.


Don’t worry, it won’t take long, maybe 15 minutes or less.


Dig in.


Leftovers: store in the fridge or else they’ll sorta melt.


As you might imagine, we’re pretty big fans.


Okay, I know what’s for dessert tonight.


Thanks for reveling in my love for pepitas and Pepita buttercups.

How about you, send me a quick comment:

  1. Have you tried pumpkin seed butter?
  2. Ever made your own nut buttercups?
  3. Favorite healthy dessert? Go! Comment below…

Happy Friday!


8 thoughts on “Pepita buttercups

    • Good question. I think it’s more like 2:1 or I typically roast about two cups of pumpkin seeds to get about a cup or a little more of the pumpkin seed butter. When they’re all smashed up into butter they just don’t take as much room. Again, good question! Thanks!!

  1. What a gorgeous color! I love pumpkin seeds. I never would have thought of turning them into a nut(? seed?) butter. Please send a dozen of those delectable looking cups to my home. I’ll send you a Cronut in exchange.

  2. Pepitas make a great snack, but I never thought to make pepita butter or to make candy out of them. Great idea! Favorite healthy dessert this week: mix canned pumpkin, plain yogurt, spices and molasses together. Sprinkle ground graham crackers on top.

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