Super Smoothie: Dark Chocolate-Raspberry with Beet Juice & Protein

You’ll never guess these three to be such the perfect trio.

dark chocolate raspberry protein smoothie-3

Dark Chocolate + Frozen Raspberries + Beets? [Insert Monkey Emoji with hands over eyes]

Just trust me, little monkey, and go with it.dark chocolate raspberry protein smoothie-5

The flavors marry well and this fairy-tale-in-the-blender turns into a lovely, deep red smoothie with lots of flavor AND protein! We aren’t even actually using dark chocolate or raw beets, unless you want to garnish with them. Well, although I love beets in any form, I would not under any circumstance garnish with raw beets. I would, however, garnish with a few dark chocolate shavings. It takes you 20 seconds and will make you feel like a queen. So plan to get out your little vegetable peeler and do the shavings.

Oh yes, it’s perfect post-workout fuel, too. dark chocolate raspberry protein smoothie-6

I try to make myself stretch and eat something at the same time.

dark chocolate raspberry protein smoothie-7

Multi-tasking is not a good habit but sometimes it helps get things done.

But truly, I love this protein-packed smoothie. Dark chocolate and fruit in tandem has always caught my eye, especially raspberries and chocolate. Beets are something I could eat every day. I love a gently roasted beet with salt and olive oil. Holy yum! But beets are especially full of all sorts of health promoting stuff like: nitrates and antioxidants. Now, nitrates sound nasty, right? Not so fast. The body converts nitrates in beets into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a rockstar at regulating blood pressure and increasing cardiovascular health. As a runner and as a human being, I want as much cardiovascular health as possible. Righty-oh?

Now are you ready for this super easy – super smoothie?

Instead of raw beets and dark chocolate here’s what you will need:

dark chocolate raspberry protein smoothie-4

>>Beet juice – feel free to juice your own fresh, raw beets. Call me lazy, but I just buy Biotta. I only buy this brand because it’s the only brand I can find.

>>Chocolate Protein Powder – if you don’t have chocolate protein powder on hand but have vanilla or something otherwise neutral, then just add a couple of teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder. In fact, I like my smoothie so dark-chocolaty that I add an additional teaspoon of cocoa anyway to my already chocolate protein power. Rebel.

>>Frozen red raspberries – yum! Look at those little babies. They even look good when fuzzy and out-of-focus. My son eats them frozen. Like Popsicles. Yes, pretty much he does this daily.

Since I most often have this as a post-workout snack, I like to use these proportions:

  • 1/2 c beet juice
  • 1/2 c frozen red raspberries
  • 1 heaping scoop of protein powder (With my protein powder this equates approx. 11g protein and 70 calories. I use a heaping scoop because two is too much and one is not enough. Simply that. Here’s an example of a nice protein powder if you’re curious to try some plant-based vegan protein powder.)
  • 2-3 ice cubes (add more if you’d like but I like to keep the flavors concentrated
  • Optional: chocolate shavings – Come-on, do it! – and mint.

Blend and serve.

dark chocolate raspberry protein smoothie-title

For your next post-workout snack, give this unique blend of flavors a try.

Have a favorite post-workout smoothie?

Or what’s your favorite protein smoothie combo?

I’d love to hear your ideas, comment below…

Peace out!


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