Giving away a new pair of shoes: The New Altra Torin 2.0

If you haven’t had a chance to see the video of the new Altra Torin 2.0 road running shoe, please check-er out.

altra CA

It’s kinda near and dear to me.

Any of these pictures will take you to it if you’ve not seen it.

Altra CA sheep

Fun to see my butt with a bunch of sheep’s butts. One of my favorite scenes, of course! And this is the only part where my son says anything while watching this. He watches in silence but this scene yells, “Sheep!” They’re so cute they make me want to yell it, too. You can read about my love for sheep in my post Running through my mind.

Altra CA barn

The shoes are great! In the video I get to introduce them — the updated version of the shoe in which I log the majority of my miles. So that’s pretty cool. I also got to introduce myself and share a little about my running story.

Altra CA horse 1

I hope it serves to inspire someone, if not LOTS of people to go for a run. Or if not to run, then go do something, just get out there and live! Right? Sometimes we just need to jump out of our routine and try something new. So I’m trying something new, I’m giving away a pair of said shoes. A special someone is going to receive a pair of the new Torin 2.0 shoes. Here’s what you need to do: Go to my Finding My Song page and read the rest of my story — the story I eluded to in the video. You’ll learn a little more about who I am as a runner, how my running journey started and some peeps that encourage me. Then on that page, leave me a comment about how you began running and who inspired or inspires you to be active and healthy. Where / how / with whom did your running journey begin? Winner needs to be following Flexitarian Filly and simply to leave me the most touching, believable and funny story of your birth into life as a runner (or at least a combination of two of those three — i.e. touching & funny will do!).

NOTE: you may also enter via Instagram @susiedukeruns : there I’m asking for a picture to go along with the story. If you’re not hip to Instagram, then entering here is cool. Alright — send me your stuff! Can’t wait to read your stories.

Remember go to:

Finding My Song 

Then comment away.

I will announce the winner on May 1, 2015!

Oh yes, also check out the Behind-the-Scenes video. Hilarious.

behind scenes

Any guesses what beverage this is?

I’ll take guesses right here: comment below…



8 thoughts on “Giving away a new pair of shoes: The New Altra Torin 2.0

  1. Hi Susie! I’ve been wanting to ask you about Altras. I haven’t run in them before but I really want to because of the wide toebox. I tried the Provision 2.0 and they felt stiff and heavy to me (I know they aren’t all that heavy but that is just how they felt). Do you have a model you’d recommend for a somewhat more flexible feel?

    • Hey, happy to give some suggestions: depending on distance the One2 is wonderfully flexible and light. Very much the opposite from the Provision. However, not near as supportive so maybe not so good for big mileage? I really like the Torin, I think it’s a similar feel to the Provision but more flexible for sure. Otherwise, the Paradigm is really nice. Well, I don’t actually have the current Paradigm b/c I tried it and it just wasn’t quite right for me, but the new (later this year model) is sweet!! Still I know lots of people that really like the current Paradigm, they’re max cushion and max lightness which is pretty sweet and hard to come by in a shoe, I think. Hope that helps. Let me know what else you’re wondering?? Happy running!

    • It was a beautiful place! We stayed in SLO but mostly filmed in Paso Robles, I think. The ranch is called Adelaida Ranch / Rangeland Vineyard — ah-mazing. The owner said it would only be that green for about six weeks and then it’s done. Said we came at the perfect time. Cool experience.

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