Best Earbuds for Your Buck

I have a deep appreciation for music. At least that’s what my last fortune cookie read.

My fortune may be correct because I do appreciate a good tune.
20150528-172352-62632644.jpgDon’t be fooled though. You wouldn’t want to hear me sing. Talk I can do but sing, no thanks.

Although it may appear that I’m deep into a melodious tune, actually I’m just doing a voice-over for an ad. Speaking of ads, I’m reviewing a couple of JLab Audio earbuds here for which I received a couple of free pairs.  Here’s what we found.


Oh and by “we”… I do mean we.


We performed a comprehensive, all-inclusive and in-depth investigation of these two sets of fitness-inspired earbuds.

20150528-172358-62638027.jpg We took them to the track and used them on the treadmill.


Really, those are pretty much the only places that I use headphones. I admit that I’m not big into music while I’m out on the roads. I find I don’t really need the music, nor do I find it super safe while out there in traffic and crossing roads, busy or not. But, I do do a ton of treadmill training and weekly track workouts. Plus I always have some sort of pump-me-up pre-race music blasting, so I like to have headphones handy for races too. So again here’s what I found. 20150528-172359-62639656.jpg

Errr… We. Excuse me.

jlab-4First, I took a look at the Fit 2.0 Sport Earbuds. They’re super slick, ergonomic and versatile.


JLab makes it impossible for these to not fit well because the Fit 2.0 Sport Earbuds comes with seven pairs of silicone cushion tips. Seven! Pictured is just a sampling of the seven pairs. On top of all of those choices to get the right earbud fit, the over-ear wire is light, flexible and easy to mold to your ear. For me, I found the over the ear wire feels like just too much. I’m claustrophobic. However Dr. Duke, my husband who cycles a ton, tried them out and he loved them. He’s more particular about fit and prefers that over-the-ear feel. He especially enjoyed how they come with two (sweat-proof) cables. He can do trainer rides with the shorter 20″ cable and not have so much excess dangling.  jlab-6Now, the CORE Custom Fit Earbuds, those are my jam. I’m loving them. They, too, come with various tip sizes (four, I believe). Also included are these funny cush fins that come in two different sizes, but, again with the claustrophobia, I am good without them. The buds are just right: light, cute and simple. And a great price, too, $19.99! Loved taking them to the track and watching one of my go-to horse movies while running long on the treadmill. I’ve even used them to mow. Playing a little music while I mow drowns out the whiz of the mower and helps to pass the time. The sound is great. Both pairs produce very clear, crisp sound. FYI: I pretty much only used them with my iPhone 5 or our very old iPad.

As a fitness freak who runs a ton and likes to have the option of music when the time is right, I would highly recommend these earbuds. Huge bang for your buck! Either way you can’t go wrong, both are quality earbuds at a reasonable price. I personally like the CORE earbuds but if a more specific fit is your thing then go with the Fit 2.0 Sport Earbuds.

Happy Trails! Enjoy some tunes when the mood strikes you.



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