Prerace Grandmas Marathon: racing with my seatbelt on

I’m starting to develop the habit of blog posting just before a race. It’s a cathartic time and a very good time to post even more typos than normal. Grandmas Marathon 2015 is about an hour out, and I’m completely under-prepared. Of course, I’d hoped for bigger things, but this is my course. “Deal with it” I tell myself. This morning I am sure I could gut out a 26.2, but I would be running on guts. Like, spew your guts out and trample of them. I don’t want to do that. Done it before and it has gotten me into trouble. Learning to race (and train) with my seatbelt on is hard but I’m doing that today. It’s the reality. It’s being realistic. It’s taking time to recover. It’s keeping the bigger picture in mind. It’s taking care of myself.

I’m ready for a good, hard workout, and that’s it.

Probably 16 miles.

16 is my magic number because I haven’t run over 14 in four months. Keep that seatbelt securely fastened.

The couple of days prerace leading up to this marathon have been so carefree and fun. And atypical because it’s easy to be stressed before a race, especially a marathon.

No pressure, including:

Paddle boating
Perfectly purple lupine
A quiet shakeout run that ended with a knock-down drag-out chase by two loose bit bulls – that’ll teach a girl to sprint again!
Sauna session
Perhaps a small cranberry margarita (I’ll never tell)

Here’s a sampling:



Better things ahead.


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