Flex fueling myself and my car

Being flexitarian, I eat mostly plants with a sprinkling of other stuff like meat, eggs, dairy and even bacon. Doesn’t bacon fall into it’s own category? I like to call it flex-fueling. Along the flex-fueling lines I wanna talk corn for a sec. While I don’t have a fancy flex fuel vehicle, I do use Ethanol almost exclusively. Since I fuel my vehicle largely with corn, I thought it could be fun to jump on the chance to work with Iowa Corn for this post. Iowa Corn is an organization that promotes and defends corn in about any way shape or form in Iowa. They’re just looking to educate and inform here, not so much selling anything, no worries. However, you will find an affiliate link within my thoughts.

So how did Iowa Corn come onto my radar?

For starters, corn is a trusty running partner.

It listens very, very well. 20150714-170136-61296228.jpg

That’s right, it’s in every single picture. It’s kinda everywhere.

Anyway, last week I was on this run with this human runner-buddy, a great listener and a great human being.

flexitarian filly susie duke marshall county observation tower

Also better at dialogue than the cornfields.

20150716-144633-53193756.jpgWe hit up a sweet 9-10ish mile run with several trips up and down and up and down the Marshall County Observation Tower. As if the run was not already hilly enough – because it was – the additional three flights of stairs about a half a dozen times, that part was just good for the soul.

After the run we stopped by the grocery store. Meandering around the organic produce isles we noticed nearby a display of one of the major soda companies. I seriously can’t remember if it was Pepsi or Coke because I don’t drink the stuff. The cans were touting the fact that they’re replacing the high fructose corn syrup with sugar. The first thing that came out of my mouth was, “too bad for the corn producers.” Being an Iowa farm girl and all maybe it’s natural to think along these lines? Again, I don’t drink the stuff so who am I to say, but I don’t think it matters if it’s sugar or corn syrup, either way soda sucks the life out of your bones. Pop or whatever it’s called should be a sweet treat and not something consumed in such excess that one should even be concerned what sort of sweetener is giving it sweetness.

Well then a mere few days after that grocery store, sugar vs. corn syrup incident, I received an email from Iowa Corn. Strange, I know. But they weren’t talking corn syrup, the email was about Ethanol. I was intrigued because I do believe that Ethanol is a good use of a renewable resource. If you’re unfamiliar with Ethanol, here are some interesting tidbits:

ethanol iowa corn EPA renewable fuel standard flexitarian filly susie duke

The concern is that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed renewable volume obligation numbers for 2014, 2015 and 2016 under the Renewable Fuel Standard. The EPA proposed cutting the corn ethanol obligation 3.75 billion gallons from 2014 to 2016. This represents nearly 1.5 billion bushels in lost corn demand. I still find this intriguing. I guess because I’ve been running by cornfields all my life knowing that Ethanol is the destiny for a lot of it. It seems strange that there would be a need to reduce the demand?

Perhaps you have a vehicle that requires pure fuel or runs worse on Ethanol? I’m no auto mechanic, but I do drive fast. Not too fast, just a little fast. I’ve personally never had a problem.

If the EPA’s proposal to reduce domestic renewable fuel sources is unnerving to you too, you can kindly send them a comment here to share your disdain. The deadline to comment is July 27.

In the mean time you can find me, saving on gas money anyway, out running… and probably alongside a cornfield.




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