Green Juice Mojito

Toping my list of all-time favorite breakfast foods is easily juice. No, not like grape juice concentrate but real, freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. So for my birthday, what more could a girl ask for than a Green Juice Mojito.  Of course this lacks the rum or whatever you’d put into a true Mojito, but it guards all that intense herby-lime flavor. This version is more of a basil Mojito. If you want more of a traditional mint flavor then toss in some mint leaves, either to supplement the basil or to replace it entirely. I love the Basil enough that I would highly suggest supplementation rather than substitution.

Recipe: Green Juice Mojito

  • 1 medium cucumber peeled
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 1 green apple
  • 1 line peeled
  • 1 large handful fresh basil, stem can be included if available. 

First, I suggest you prep/wash all ingredients so that you can quickly whip though the juicing. Also have  your juicer cleaned and ready. Or if you don’t have a juicer, then take the ingredients and run them through a blender and allow the juice to drip out while the pulp hangs in cheesecloth. That sounds like a huge drag to me, I’d just get a juicer if I were you. Or go make a real Mojito and forget about your juicing troubles. 

Anyway, juice all ingredients and drink up. 

Bonus juice recipe: this one’s not green but it is my all-time favorite. I often have this after a long run when I need carbs and high-quality calories but can’t stomach much food. You take equal parts carrot juice and coconut milk. Bam.  Done. 

Drink up!



One thought on “Green Juice Mojito

  1. And Happy Birthday to you. Dad would have been 112today!

    So good to see you and Jon and that sweet Weston. I love it that he’s so friendly with everyone..Cute kid!

    So glad Phyl arrived home safely. She wouldn’t let anyone do anything…so I put it all in God’s hands. She went to the cardiologist the next day and is having tests and maybe will have a pacemaker. Thanks for all the support and help Friday night…so upsetting. We never know what each day will bring.

    Don’t we have the best family ever? Mother and the uncles would be so pleased with our reunion. …and thanks for all you did to make it such a wonderful affair. Your parents didn’t miss a thing!



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