Gray Reunion Part II

Gray reunion “Part I” took place six years ago. Reunion Part I and Part II were unsurprisingly familiar, all the way down to the part where we have to dial 9-1-1 and receive medical assistance. We’re hoping that the third time’s a charm so when next we gather here…

gray reunion part II flexitarian filly Susie Duke

…on the Gray farm in another five or six years, maybe we can skip the ambulance part.


I mean, it’s really such an oasis without the siren and flashing lights.

There’s lots of entertainment – Like, the horses:


And this is a very normal sight; I’ve trained my nieces and cousins to groom the horses from their backs. Sitting bareback – even if sitting still – is great for developing your seat and learning to feel the horse. The horses are quite used to the jungle gym around them. BTW: Many thanks to my cousin, Matt, who I credit for several of these pics. 

So there were pony rides.    

And the dustiest of hayrides. Two racks full.


After which we could commiserate about grit in our teeth and dust-caked hair.

Then there were canoe rides. Err… Races?

This is me saying, “It’s okay, I don’t have to go. I’ll leave room for someone else.”

gray reunion canoing

Ya, right. Thinking I could get off easy, sending my son down with Daddy.
gray reunion canoing 2

I’m glad I went. It was worth seeing unnamed members of the family capsize. Ha!


Oh and the tarts went over quite well. 

Oh and a quick running update: I haven’t been. We sold our treadmill. Soon we’ll receive a new Zero Runner in exchange.   Spent a couple of hours “running” on it at the IA State Fair and fell in love. It’s like an Alter-G treadmill but without the exorbitant usage fees. Or almost like aqua-jogging but without the need to get wet. I love it! I’m feeling better and better. I plan to get going on the Zero Runner to rebuild base mileage. Then I’ll balance “zero-running” with actual running outside. T’is my plan. Not a great plan, but I’m doing what I can. 

Yee haw!

Oh and one last update: I have a job.  

This, I guess, is my inaugural lunch-hour post. Cheers!



2 thoughts on “Gray Reunion Part II

  1. Sorry to hear about the need for medical attention. I hope all is well now.

    The tarts look scrumptious. Congrats on your new job.

    I looked at the Zero Runner on their webpage, but I had to get off after 20 seconds because I couldn’t stand the obnoxious background music. I don’t know why websites insist on having music. I couldn’t find a way of muting the music only. If I muted my laptop, then I couldn’t hear what the video had to say. Cool product. Bad website.

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