Racing again

There is this cloud looming over the thought of racing again. It’s like a dream where you’re being chased by a wild beast and, try as you may, you just can’t run fast. No matter how slow, I have scheduled a few races in the near future. They may be called “races” but I’m looking at them more as “training.” The great thing is that while I don’t feel 100% healthy, I know that I’m healing. By not 100% I mean that I still have some numbness in my toes. Also once in a while I feel some pain, not pain in my back but in my hamstrings and adductors/groin/not really sure where – we think it strangely has to do with my coccyx because with treatment of my tailbone, this sort of pain disappears. Strange, I know, but likely due to pregnancy/childbirth and likely something that added to my initial injury because deviance of the coccyx causes undue stress on the sacrum (where the real problem lies). So I believe that racing again will be an integral step to getting my feet back under me. What’s also great is that it’s cross country season, so a couple of the races are cross country races. In preparation, I’ve been hitting the grass hard.

imageI look like a bobsledder here, but I love a hoodie when it’s freezing out! So I’m still about half-time running on the ground and the other half of the time running on our ZeroRunner machine. For the miles running, I love to run around our property. We have this loop that’s almost exactly a quarter mile and it makes for lovely running. Since we traded in our treadmill for the new “Machine” as I call it, I feel like this grass loop is my new treadmill. I’m very pleased with the ZeroRunner. I do think the name is dumb. They should have gone with something like Fly Runner or Air Runner or something that sounds like a bit more than “zero”… but anyway. I like it. But my new grassy “treadmill” is great. I don’t have to think about traffic or running into weirdos. Nor do I need to run with reflective gear or lights. It’s just a win-win.

Besides spending a lot of time on the grass and feeding our deer grass clippings…image

…my strength training has evolved to include a lot of what we call “Tack and Floss.”



Not sure if you can make it out in these pictures but I will often sort of strangle my high-hip/groin area with an exercise band. Strangulation is not quite the right word, but it does need to be a bit tight. What it does is tack down the muscle(s) and then as you move you “floss” out those fibers and help them to heal. Think of it like when you get something sticky on your fingers and so you squeeze a couple of fingers together, rub them around and that loosens up the stickiness. It’s a lot like that actually. And then you go draw whiskers on your son, slap a tail on him, and dress him as a feral ninja cat for Halloween. That’s pretty therapeutic too.

I don’t plan to be too prepared for my upcoming races, but I plan to enjoy every minute of them. Plus, I will most certainly be using them as training for my next BIG run, as we’ve decided to forge ahead with committing to the Olympic Trials Marathon. I have no hopes of doing overly well, but I want to enjoy the experience and experience the experience.

Oh and if you haven’t tried my sauerkraut recipe yet, please!! try it. You won’t be disappointed.


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