The need for sweat and support

My Garmin was reading O so slowly yesterday as I completed this six mile workout – a mile warm up and half a mile cool down and everything in between was alternating between 5 minutes hard and 3 minutes easy. It felt overly taxing compared to how it should. The good thing is that I got in a good sweat. It feels good to do some good, hard training and really sweat. Since my injury, I’ve not been able to really push it in training as hard as I would like. I know that I will forever be more cautious about how hard I push things, but I do love a good hard workout. I need that sweat! You know? Also the other good thing is to be able to train on this track. To have free access to a place like this completes the perfect array of training options at my disposal: gravel, grass, dirt, pavement, trails, cross trainer, treadmill, an outdoor track and an indoor track. All within a short radius of our place!

running indoor track Grinnell College flexitarian filly

After the run, no, after every time I get home from a run my husband asks me, “How was your run?” It could be a two mile, nothing-of-a-run, and he would still ask me that and always has. I have learned to draw some pretty huge insights from how I respond, too. After yesterday’s run on the track, he asked me this and I was like, “Okay, but it felt way harder than it should have.” It took me 24 more hours, but I finally realized that, really, you can’t trust Garmin data while running in, galactically speaking, teeny tiny circles. 200 meters, even if from the outside lane, is a pretty small space. And being indoors throws off all sorts of satellite signals. So maybe things aren’t so slow. Maybe? I don’t know what I would do with out his support! He talks me through so many things without trying.

So today after waking up later than I’d hoped, I went in 30 minutes late to work so that I could get my full run in the morning. The forecast didn’t look too promising for the rest of the day; plus, I prefer a morning run over any other time any day. Thankfully, I have that flexibility at work and can adjust my schedule a bit here or there which makes training much easier. So what could have felt like a soggy slog of a five mile run, turned out just perfect. Look at that sky!

The wacky workout from yesterday was likely a figment of my Garmin’s imagination. And why, you may ask, would I need a Garmin on the track? Well, I was using it mostly for the heart rate monitor feature to track my effort. I just think that it wasn’t able to account for my speed running inside. Nevertheless, today I felt much more normal. My heart rate and pace were much more even and just more normal. The best thing, too, is that I’m feeling no pain while running and happy to be logging miles on the ground on back-to-back days. I had been doing an every other day routine as I mentioned in a recent post. I’m feeling stronger and stronger and able to withstand multiple days in a row on my feet.

The best news of late is that of this nutcase of an injury, I feel like my very own physical therapist husband is finally the one who has cracked it. In the past eight+ months, I have truly seen everyone. Every specialist imaginable. Everyone! Of course time has been a huge asset to healing, but still, I’d been running with a small amount of pain over the past month or so and it just wouldn’t give. When we finally decided to focus on the tailbone is when those little niggles that were really making it hard to survive any sort of run just vanished. So he set me up with some great exercises that help to pull my wagging tailbone back in place and it’s amazing the difference. He has truly stood by me and been relentless in helping me figure this crazy disc injury out so that I can get back out there. Sometime I’ll share my exercises because they’re kinda different, but this is good for now. 

Oh finally, one other bit of pretty awesome news is a new sponsor I may be working with. Details to come but I must say that this development is so timely as I’m finally starting to regain momentum. To have the support of companies that I love is such a charge to me to want to do well and represent. Taking this bird with a broken wing and helping her to fly!

Ciao people.



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