Popcorn bars

As per usual, this recipe is weird. Set all visions of crunchy, salty, buttery popcorn out of your mind. Popcorn in this bar replaces puffed millet or puffed rice that bar-making companies gravitate towards. We have a stockpile of popcorn, yellow and blue. Have you ever noticed how much popcorn a half a cup of popcorn kernels makes? A ton! So when the mood struck me to make a bar with something puffed, I thought, “Why not popcorn?” For these popcorn bars, you’ll use about 3-4 cups of popped popcorn. I never measure. Imagine that? But it’s good and a fun, alternative way to use popcorn.  Ingredients:

  • 8 oz chopped dates
  • 2-3 T honey
  • 2-3 T water
  • 1/2 c ground flaxseed
  • 1/4 c olive/coconut/hemp oil
  • Pinch of salt and splash of vanilla

Blend these ingredients together until smooth and set aside. 

Base layer:

  • ~1/2 c Almond butter
  • 1 c (heaping) Oats roughly chopped 
  • 1 c (heaping) nuts (any but almonds are ideal)
  • 2 T olive/coconut/hemp oil
  • pinch of salt

In food processor: Process oats so they are chopped a bit. Coarsly chop nuts. Add pinch of salt and then add half of the date/flaxseed mixture. The blend in the almond butter. Pulse to combine. 

Oil an 8×8 pan and press this layer into the bottom. Place in the fridge. Now pop some popcorn, air pop is my method of choice. 

Popcorn layer:

In the food processor, pulse 3-4 huge handfuls/cups of popped popcorn so that its reduced by about a third. Roughly. Then, in a bowl, add the other half of the date/flaxseed mixture. Stir until evenly mixed. Add a little more salt if you want, I usually do. 

Press this on top of the almond butter layer. Chill. 

Heat water over a double boiler and, in a bowl over the water, melt 4 oz unsweetened baking chocolate. Add a couple tablespoons of honey, some vanilla and a few T of your choice oil, I usually use coconut for this part. Blend and when smooth pour over popcorn layer. Chill. Cut. Serve. Keep bars chilled and enjoy!

Here are a couple of shots from of late. This is Fifi. She rode 25mi in the engine of our car on New Year’s Eve from another farm to ours. We decided she’s pretty special and, I think, albino. Time will tell. Oh and of course, then there are the chickens!       img_7748Did you see in the news about #stickerboy – well google it, it’s funny. But big boy experienced his first caucus and So I now have my own stickerboy. Had no idea our idea would go viral! 

Finally, I’m pretty proud of these fish tacos. Sardine fish tacos! Let me be clear… We love sardines and have them weekly. They are super healthy and “cleaner” than lots of other fish because they are so small. There is not as much room in their little systems – God rest their little packed souls – to harbor as much of the chemicals as other larger fish. So eat up. And… the’re cheap!

For these tacos, I layered on sauerkraut, bell peppers, avocado, green salsa, goat cheese. 

Eat up! 

Ever tried sardines in anything?  

We used to keep a can in our glovebox when we lived in the wild. (CO) for real! Do you ever keep food in your car in case of emergencies? 


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