About them Trials

Um yeah, about that Olympic Trials Marathon. Wow. I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck, but in the best way possible. Like in cartoons, when the road runner repeatedly gets Wile Coyote run over, but he always bounces right back like nothing happened. That’s what the Trials were like. I got run over. But back  up and ready for more hunting that road runner down.

DSC_4236So, well, Amy really ran the show. 

I had this little joke with Jon the days before the race, when we’d see Kara in the lobby or ride the elevator with Shalane or pass Desi at breakfast, I’d say, “There’s Shalane, she’ll probably win.” OR “There’s Kara, she’ll probably win.” OR “There’s Desi, she’ll probably win.” But I admit that when I brushed shoulders with Amy leaving the fluids drop of, I said, “There’s Amy Cragg. I don’t think she’ll win.” Shame on me, and good for her. She totally ran away with it, didn’t she?


She ended up being the one darkhorse out of the three that I hoped would make it.

It was thrilling to be on the same course as that.

And then there was Meb. How fun!


Me. Well, I ran my race. Before the race, I felt like I would need to wear a Scarlet Letter-esque sign that said something like: Yes, I realize I am running slowly, but you have NO idea what it took for me to get to this point. Between the now entire year of recovering from this back thing and dealing with the difficult to diagnose adrenal fatigue symptoms, I was thrilled to be there. Of course I’d rather have run faster, but really the crowd was super supportive. The whole way! 


Start to finish. DSC_4314 (2)

No need for a Scarlet Letter at all.

If it looks like it, yes, it was hot. Very hot. I determined that the average temperature of all of my long training runs was around 9◦F and running at 80◦F was a really bad idea. I’m proud of all of my Runablaze Iowa teammates for sticking it out and finishing. Many of them had more on the line that me, and I found it entirely impressive that they would persevere and finish when so many dropped.

Glad I ran. Glad to have shared the experience with family and friends. Excited and hopeful for better times (literally) ahead.

Oh and the beach was pretty great too.   

It’s basically spring at home. So who needs the beach now!

So did you watch the race?


8 thoughts on “About them Trials

  1. Congrats again! I’m proud to be related to someone who qualified for the Olympic Marathon Trials. I didn’t announce it from the pulpit….but I told everyone and I watched it last Saturday from 12:00-2:30 and I didn’t see you. They showed mostly all the people who were the big winners. What an exciting thing to be a part of!

    Just got home from seeing a good movie, “Brooklyn”, and a good dinner at a restaurant. Think I’ll get ready for bed and read…in bed. Tomorrow night we start a 10 week study series at church, “ReFocus”. Sounds like more than 150 signed up for it.

    Take care. Love, Janice

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