More About Me

A run near Saint Rémy la Varenne, France

Hi there, my name is Susie.

I gave up pork in 2004, became gluten-free in 2008 and vegan in 2010.   I’ve since realized that I have an iron gut and too many restrictions cramp my non-linear lifestyle.  Through self-experimentation, I’ve learned that if I eat plant-based 85% of the time, then I’m good for almost whatever the rest of the time.

Flex-fueling is best for my sanity and my health.   Speaking of sanity, my dear husband would like for me to kick my bad habit of creating wacky-good things in the kitchen never to be duplicated because I lack the discipline to record my recipes.  This blog is my plight to save my recipes and share my flex-fueling system. Along the way I hope to tell some stories of my other ambitions: running a sub 2:35 marathon, racing to the best of my ability in the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon, and competing in a recognized horse trial.


And it’s true, I rarely get dressed up. Gotta wear workout clothes all of the time, how else could I get in all those miles!?


2013 update: My ‘about’ changed significantly in March of 2013 with the addition of our son. Now we often find ourselves wondering why we waited eight years for baby #1. All in God’s timing, I trust. Blog goals and personal goals remain the same; we just have this cute person to share everything with now.

Photo Sep 22, 5 54 38 PM

What a joy!


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