Flexitarian Me

This is me, Susie, with my wee babe. I’m a flexitarian filly.

mommy Allow me to explain.

Have you ever met a vegan who was just a tiny bit carnivorous?  If you’re thinking, “No, but that would be me if I were vegan,” then we’re on to something.  I eat plant-based roughly 85% of the time with the occasional (15%) consumption of meat or dairy.  This flexibility makes a flexitarian diet very, very attainable and more appealing than a strict vegan diet. But, if you are a full-fledged vegan, I believe you’ll find some interesting tidbits here too. Browse around a little and see for yourself.

So where to go from here?

If you’re in search of healthy food ideas – awesome! This blog is my personal recipe collection. Seriously, I remember reading a quote from Julia Child saying, “When you know what tastes good, you don’t need a recipe,” and I completely agree. However, I still need to record my recipes. If not, I tend to concoct crazy-good things in the kitchen that I never duplicate. So head over to the recipe index to continue your search. In it you’ll find a vast array of foods from vegan to gluten free to lacto-ovo vegetarian all the way to my favorite red meat treat, The Bison Burger! 

Just kidding, there’s no bison burger. But I do love a good bison burger. That might be the cowgirl in me. Or it’s the carnivore? 

Outside of the kitchen, this filly is a runner, amongst other things.Boston StartMy favorite distance is the marathon, but I’ll try my hand at any distance from a trail ultra-marathon to a 5k on the roads. I train to inspire and to beat my previous best – currently 2:42 in the marathon. Sharing what worked for me, or what has utterly flopped, in training is very cathartic. So if you’re looking for a workout or a tip on running then click around on the Running Tabs.  Thanks in advance for reading. I wish you the best on your journey.

~Happy Trails~


4 thoughts on “Flexitarian Me

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  2. Hahaa, great to see you Susie!!! Nope, never planned to race, but still wanted to get the swag and party with the people. 🙂 Enjoy the moment and I’ll cheer you on!

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